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Your Patience Is Requested

Maney.Org is currently in the middle of a complete, from the ground up, redesign. Unfortunately, other projects have been consuming my time and preventing me from completing the relaunch. Work is continuing, but at a reduced pace.

Historically, everything about this site has been done by hand using the 'vi' text editor. This gave me the flexibility to experiment but greatly increased the overhead and backend work required for even the simplest of tasks.

The obvious solution to this problem is moving everything to a Content Management System. Then we could let it handle all of the backend work and we would only need to be concerned with the content. The only rub left was finding a CMS fit our requirements (easy to install/maintain/upgrade, generated standards compliant pages, and free).

So, as soon as I get the prerequisites installed and working, I will be migrating the entire site into a CMS. In the process I will be "mucking out" the junk, and re-writing everything else. In the meantime, that means that there will be some flakiness with links and styles. Some of the pages may move or disappear entirely. New content will definitely be appearing.

Hopefully, this will only last a little while longer.

-- fpsm, 01 September, 2004

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